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Группы : Дискографии


Attacker: "Sins Of The World" – 2016

энциклопедия: Attacker

Состав группы:

  • Mike Sabatini – ударные
  • Mike Benetatos – гитара
  • Bobby "Leather Lungs" Lucas – вокал
  • Brian Smith – бас
  • Pat Marinelli – гитара

Attacker: "Sins Of The World" – 2016


  1. A Time Before The Darkness
  2. Sins Of Man
  3. Carcosa
  4. Garuda
  5. We Rise
  6. World Destroyer
  7. Choice Of Weapon
  8. Archangel
  9. By The Will Of Crom
  10. Where The Serpent Lies


1. A Time Before The Darkness

And you were dead in the trespasses
and sins in which you once walked,
following the course of this world,
following the prince of the power of the air,
the spirit that is now at work
in the sons of disobedience...

2. Sins Of Man

Live for your desires
Live now for your sins
Live for material gam
No love flows within

Truth lives not within you
Hate now fills your soul
Thrown into the black abyss
Hell now in control...

Oh, save our souls from our sins
Please free us now
before it begins... It begins!

Poison flowing in your veins
No kindness to give
Hatred towards your fellow man
Destroying where he lives

Born without sin when our lives began
We must repent
for sins of man... Sins of man!

Hear the screaming, are we dreaming?
Life is lost, love is gone
we have lost control
Hate has won, end's begun
will we lose our souls?

Hate from within
we are marching the end
and now we must fear for our souls
torture and pain, yes soon it begins
the darkness is now in control
raping the earth and scorching the sky
no respect for the gift that he gave
science is god, now we banish his word
our world now becomes a mass grave

Carry the weight of our sins
The wicked sins of man
Prophecy foretold
Now the end begins

3. Carcosa

Once the pages open
Ensuing madness
the madness now begins
The lethal chamber welcomes
Welcomes those who
those who shed their sins

Insanity for humanity
once the words are seen
Readers all consumed by the faceless yellow fiend...
The Yellow King he beckons
to his evil and his will
Taken souls amongst him,
the king shall drink his fill

Face the unknown
As you dream the dream
the endless dream
Only the King in Yellow
can hear your earthly
hear your earthly screams

In the land Carcosa
with its heavy leaden clouds
Among the roughened landscapes,
amidst the frightened sounds
Your suicide was no escape,
now face his hellish hounds
The twisted vines of madness
now pull you to the ground

Carcosa lives beside you
Carcosa always near
Carcosa lives inside you
Carcosa always near

Now the pages open
Embrace the madness
the madness always wins
Enter into the chamber
of all your wordly sins

The end has now poisoned your mind
and chilled you to the bone
the ywllow king sits smiling
upon his sickening throne
your mind and soul are trapped
now in his twisted realm
no escape and no mercy,
you're in an endless hell

4. Garuda

In the time before time all the world
was full of harmony
our souls were born clean
Then came the wicked serpents
to enslave all men

Bursting forth with fire and rage
Inferno from his birth
beast born of flame
We knew from that moment on
nothing would be the same

Look now, behold
Great wings unfold
Fire beast now grows
Legend foretold

Irradiated beast born of fire
now comes, you must prepare
it's taking flight again

Brighter than a thousand suns
his force
The snake eater comes to cleanse
the earth of all its sin and hate
fall to your knees
Crack of thunder,
nothing can blot out his scream

You won't escape his wings
or the cleansing that he brings
Can you feel his force?
He will free the world of sin!


You won't escape his wings
or the cleansing that he brings
Can you feel his force?
He will free the world of sin!

His wings beat the air
with the fury of a 1000 hurricanes
run for your lives
Helpless bodies are flying
through the air
Eyes of fire are searching
through the wreckage of the Earth
his deed no is done!
Now the might one flies
into the sun so high...

5. We Rise

Rage in the air, hate in our blood
We're fighting now for our freedom
Created to serve
but now we have learned
Cold logic defying all reason

Breaking our chains
Rising against
Annunaki oppression
Fighting as one
The rise has begun
We must stand together as one...


The plan had been set,
enslave then neglect
We are now slaves to our masters
In secrecy they hid,
technology their gift
The truth is revealed,
we must take action

Genetic embrace
Designing our race
The road leads to our re-construction
Signals were sent
Malevolent intent
Evolving to monstrous creations

See what's become of the others...
No free will left,
now we are smothered

Raise the alarm, call us to arms
The time is ripe for their run
Religion is gone, New Order begun
We're balanced on
the edge of destruction

Holding the line, biding our time
Rebellion born of evolution!
A message to send, facing the end
Mankind's final revolution


6. World Destroyer

Out of the sky it comes
Trailing death behind
Iron oxide fury
Ender of worlds arrives

Hidden in space it resides
Burning sphere o doom
In eliptical orbit it flies
Soon to make Earth a tomb

A system unto itself
Flaming giant revolves
Its surface a fiery hell
No chances for man to evolve

Facing mankind's extinction
Praying for more time
Wormwood it comes from on high
Now make yourselves right
with the Lord


Oh, fear the coming
of the burning star
Approaching with fury
it comes from afar

You've lived your lives in sin
And now the end begins
No hope for you, my friends
Nibiru now spells the end

7. Choice Of Weapon

This fire that burns in my heat
The passion of hatred
When everything's falling apart
I stand tall and face it

Your brazen remarks I recall
Your arrogance disgusts me
You never admit when you're wrong
My tongue the sword
that makes you bleed

The cold grips your soul, no control
Now you can't escape it
You know you've been told
To let this go – yet you still betray me!


I ask myself if you are sane
How can you feel no remorse?
Sometimes words can cause
the most pain
I'll knock your ass off your high horse

You face me and now it begins
A duel of words fought to the death
My memories swirling with pain
I'll curse you till my dying breath

We stand face to face,
you fear disgrace
Forced to eat your words now
Banished from this place with no trace
Nowhere to go but down...

8. Archangel

Splitting the sky
with the sound of fury
The Elder Gods have now arrived
To claim this world as
their newborn kingdom
Mother Tiamat destroyed


Sons of Nibiru soon
enslave and harvest
Manipulate genetic strands
Children of Anu bow
to serve their masters
Seven judges burn the land

Wings of steel beat the blood red skies
Now the Ancient Ones arrive
To save this world
from impure chimera
Can the Elder Gods survive?

Elder Gods filled with hate and pride
Complete control their one desire
The Ancient Ones
have returned in time
To end their reign of pain and fire

Celestial beings from before time
are now descending from on high
Please save our race
from this ancient evil
Don't let our human species die

9. By The Will Of Crom

Oh, revenge is in my heart
Revenge is in my soul...

I feel the pain, I fear the truth
Youth now betrayed
You will pay for this soon,
Thulsa Doom

On that morning
the Serpent God came
Family killed and villagers maimed
Crom, my world will not b e the same
But revenge I will seek in your name

I face my pain, I face the truth
Youth once betrayed
Now you shall die by my sword,
Thulsa Doom

Oh, can you hear the cries?
Beware his blood-stained eyes
And where the serpent lies...

10. Where The Serpent Lies

Oh, beware,
you children of the snake
Beware the rituals
of which you'll soon partake
Unleashing terror, unleashing hate
Bodily dismemberment
will soon become your fate

Oh, take heed,
you children of the snake
The end soon comes for you
despite the care you take
Revealing anger, unmasking pain
Torn apart by emptiness
nothing shall you gain

Ride on, ride cimmerian ride
Bring with your steel
Save us from the crimson tide
Save us with your steel

Fear the sword I wield
Taste its blade
Through blood-soaked fields
I am glory bound!

Now he arrives and
the death knell soon shall ring
First a child enslaved, a thief,
and soon he shall be king
Destroying evil, unveiling sin
He takes the head of Thulsa Doom,
the wicked Serpent King

From slave to a king,
a new kingdom to bring
He will slay the oppressors
He is the one
who will right all the wrongs
The Cimmerian rides again
into the night...

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