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Группы : Дискографии


Inkubus Sukkubus: "Wytches" – 1994

энциклопедия: Inkubus Sukkubus

Состав группы:

  • Candia – вокал
  • Tony McKormack – электро– и 12-ти струнная гитары

Приглашённые музыканты:

  • Graeme Fletcher – бас
  • Bob Gardener – ударные, акустическая гитара
  • Steve Paine – клавишные
  • Kevin Allack – аккордеон
  • Matthew Rogers – бойран
  • Jason Sutton – бойран

Inkubus Sukkubus: "Wytches" – 1994


  1. Wytches I
  2. Queen Of The May
  3. Pagan Born
  4. Gypsy Lament
  5. Leveller
  6. Call Out My Name
  7. Conquistadors
  8. Burning Times
  9. Song To Pan
  10. Enchantment
  11. Catherine
  12. Church Of Madness
  13. The Rape Of Maude Bowen
  14. Dark Mother
  15. Devils


1. Wytches I

Come join with us in our rune tonight
And feel the circle spin
Let your spirit soar in the lunar light
As the Spiral Dance begins

Come with us speeding through the night
As fast as any bird in flight
Silhouettes against the Mother Moon
We will be there soon

When the spinning ceases you can dance no more
Kiss the silent earth
We will tell our children of the Ancient Lore
At the moment of their birth
Isis Astarte Diana Hecate Demeter Kali Inanna

2. Queen Of The May

All across the barren land
Still cold from Winter's hand
It has been a time for tears
Season of the Goddess return
On this eve, the first Summer night
Out of the darkness and into the light
Set the Beltaine fires alight
Season of the Goddess return

Hail! Hail! The Queen of the May
Now is the Season and now is the day
A time to laugh and a time to play
Hail! Hail! The Queen of the May

Through the time when the green leaves hide
The dream of Summer has kept us alive
Through the darkness we have survived
Season of the Goddess return
Let the trees be green again
Let us all be free from pain
Out of teh ice and into the flame
Season of the Goddess return

3. Pagan Born

A rhythm stirs within the earth
That tells all nature of a birth
A return to light, return to life
And lead us from this darkest night
God of the Sun, now have you come
Your reign of light has just begun
Though all must die to be reborn
Return now on a bright new morn

My lord applauds my Pagan ways
And in my heart he'll always stay
Pagan Born!

In winter's cloak we've sheltered long
Waiting for spring's sweet song
Tho' warmth we found beside the hearth
Its glow could not break through the dark
I look toward the fiery sky
And know that your return is nigh
Though I shall fall as the harvest corn
It is my fate, I'm Pagan Born!

4. Gypsy Lament

Sleep well, my Love
Sleep while the night sky weaves her spell
Sleep without pain
Sleep though I yearn to have you near me
The flames of all you were
Have vanished in the ground
Sweet scented rosemary is scattered all around
Wait just a while
For in no time we'll meet again
Though you were gone
Before we wed
I give blood to you earth, not take it to his own
No fire or water deep
Shall keep this bride from him
He left me while
The seas were wild against the shore
What foolish thief
Would dare defy the hand of fate?
I love you now as I'll never love again
The rocks beneath my feet
Have sunken deep
Earth to earth
My love my own shall be
Grow like the willow tree
No sadness bring to me
He the man, and I the woman
My love to me
This shall be

5. Leveller

He comes as a darkened knight
Upon the raging storm
And as an angel of love he reaps the harvest corn
He comes as a leveller to make one and all the same
His song on the western wind to deliver us from pain
Take his hand
For only he'll lead you on to the promised hand
He is the only true friend of the poor
Can you not see that only he can ever set you free
He is the only true friend of the poor
And all the kings and the queens and the generals
Dread the gaze of his eyes
But to the sick and the cold and the starving
He's a blessing in disguise
For his sweet kiss brings release
And they shall suffer no more
So they don't fear when he comes
A-knock-knock-knocking on the door

6. Call Out My Name

You're lying on your bed on a hot summer night
Underneath the lunar light
I am a dream, I am a phantom of desire
Call out my, call out my name
Call out my name, call out my name in the night
For a bitter love, for a bitter pain
Call out my name, call out my name in the night
For a bitter love, for a bitter pain

I've come a-calling from a thousand ages past
I was the first, I'll be the last
I am a-scratching on the windows of your soul
Call out my, call out my name

7. Conquistadors

To the shores of the wild lands
Come the Christian men
With the word of their Lord God
And the plagues of another world
To take your pride and give you shame
To purify with iron and flame

They have come to slash and burn
They have come to rape the Earth
And the native people shall be their slaves
Resistors die under bullets and blades

Broken on a cross
Hangs their graven God
And all his well meant words
Are lost amongst the lies
The blood is on their hands
Those evil men from the Christian lands
And what of the tribal people
What do the Christians say?
For they are as the beasts
And Satan is their Lord!

The Christian Church wants blood and gold

The Christian God demands sacrifice

8. Burning Times

Forget not the days of old
And recall the stories told
Of the burnings and the screams
Do they ever haunt your dreams?

There was a time when freedom died
It was an age of genocide
The Inquisition at the door
The Church of Rome in a holy war
They broke freedom on the wheel
In the madness of their zeal
In the shadow of their wake
The innocent were burning at the stake

Children resist a retrun to the burning times
People be wise to the power of their lies
Be not fooled, as those who were fooled before
Children, oh children, be free, be wild!

They came to bring the 'good news'
To burn Witches, Pagans, Jews
They said they were the Shepherd's Sheep
They whipped old women through the street

Then the turning of the tide
From the truth they could not hide
Now the darkest age is past
The Goddess has returned at last!

9. Song To Pan

Can you hear the forest sing?
On a breath of damiana
It calls his name
Seduced by his spirit once again
Cloven hooves beat upon the earth
He comes to us from Arcadia
Through the trees
The rush of his force felt upon the breeze

He comes on hooves of goat
He comes with sogs that float on the wind

Let your senses know of him
Feel the earth it trembles
Underneath shaggy thighs
The sky is afire from his flashing eyes
If a nymph I'd follow him
Be a match for hi swild carousing and bestial ways
And in the woods I too would play!

Oh great horned god of ages past
Lord of the hunt, Lord of the dance
From that place where you lie slain
Come to me, return again
Across the mountains, the fields, the sands
Be once more upon this land!

Oh great horned god, of times gone by
Lord of the earth, the sea and the sky
Lord of the forest, and of the glade
Be with us now, and for all our days
Herne, Cernunnos, Karnayna, Pan
Be once more upon this land...

10. Enchantment

Lifeless life, sleepless sleep
Under the stony sky of day my flesh shall keep
Summer's heat shall never be missed
Hecate's bliss has kissed these cool lips

In perfect sleep there's beauty
In waking life just cruelty
I want to rise with the night
I want to rise with the night
I want to rise with the night

In the light that blinds your eyes
Wrapped in the velvet cloak of dreams
My spririt flies
As the day slips far from your sight
My stirring limbs shall join in the flight
Life of lives, oh sleep of sleeps
In all your dreams you'll never know the joys I reap
Hecate's hand shall guide through the night
And with the dawn, I kiss her goodbye

11. Catherine

The bloom of youth
Shone from her lovely face
A rose against her skin
Would not seem out of place
This silent Succubi
Had men enrapt in dreams
Such sweet seducers
Are never what they seem


The rage of unloved wives
Would seal this beauty's fate
Many years of fading looks
Brought bitterness and hate
A man of God must ensure
Justice will be done
For Satan dwells within

The black heart of this one

12. Church Of Madness

Here come the Christian knights
Dressed in red and white
To bring the Holy Word and set the world alight
Here comes a plague of idiots blinded by their faith
Here comes the Inquisition to burn you at the stake

Here comes the Church of Madness
Bearing gifts of death and torture
Here comes the Church of Madness
Of Jesus Christ their Lord
The fire and the fury
To be our judge to be our jury
Here comes the Church of Madness
Of Jesus Christ their Lord!

A new dark age descending, it's Torquemada's dream
Liberty lies raped, crushed, broken
Neath the Christian war machine
Nation after nation falling
In the shadow of the Christian sword
With death they bring the lore of love

What do they tell the people of their old crusades?
Of the women and the children
Impaled on Christian blades
Rejoice they say for we are saved
And we must sing the fight
Sing it till your lungs burst or they'll set you alight

13. The Rape Of Maude Bowen

Lying in the brook she's naked
Cold and dead, raped and broken
Sweet Maude Bowen victim of a man
By her side does lie her rapist
Her mother's brother, cold as she is
An avenging angel's arrow in his heart
And the squire he does blame her
With his lies he does shame her
Sweet Maude Bowen shamed a suicide

Now here is a tale, a story to be told
Of a young girl, but fifteen years old
Impaled as a vampire, her mother burned as a witch
Now these were the crimes, the crimes of the rich

At the cross-roads they impaled her
With the elm they claim to save her
Save her soul from Satan's evil lair
Now her mother weeps in madness
At the tree, at the crossroads
The tree that grows from sweet Maude Bowen's heart
The squire's men do taunt and tease her
Drag her off the grave and jeer her
Then one more dies with an arrow in his heart

Up before the judge at Gloucester
Acused a witch now they will burn her
At the tree at the cross-roads will she die
Tied to the elm the faggots smoking
Maude's sweet mother crying, choking
Mother, daughter, victims of a man
And the squire he stands there laughing
With his men he's laughing, joking

Then he is dead with an arrow in his heart

14. Dark Mother

The corn is high underneath the moon
And Winter comes, it seems too soon
For Time waits not for woman or man
And Death rides out across the land

Our dark mother Queen of the Night
Through Death's door guide us to the light
Through the pain set us free
Our dark mother Queen of the Night
Let us be reborn again

Now Death has come, and Death has kissed
Death's bitter song is upon the mist
The dreams of youth bring a cynical smile
But my true love shall never die

The buds have blown and the flowers have gone
The once firm breasts hang wrinkled and long
The Wheel of Fate is a spinning round
The Autumn leaves are upon the ground

15. Devils

Sweet man of Grace, I tremble form your power
Great man of mystery, come lie with me this hour
Oh Dark Confessor
Who has know such wickedness
Unlock this tortured sould and grant my spririt rest
Thugh you would claim
That God inspires your Holy Plan
There is a darker force
That guides you r charming hand

Grandier, Grandier
Free me from this blind madness

I want you, I love you, oh dear God forgive me

Grandier, what is this lunacy you spread?
A thousand screaming hearts shall see you dead
So many maids within your bed have lain
So many bastards would dare to mar your name
There is just one love you need have on this Earth
Though you would notice not a
Sister of the Church
My head is reeling from the devils you have sent
You are the Beast to whom I shall repent

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