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Группы : Дискографии


Khonsu: "The Xun Protectorate" – 2016

энциклопедия: Khonsu

Состав группы:

  • S. Gronbech – все инструменты, вокал
  • T'ol – вокал

Приглашённые музыканты:

  • Eli Karoline Kvendseth – вокал
  • Rune Folgerø – вокал
  • Obsidian C. – гитара

Khonsu: "The Xun Protectorate" – 2016


  1. Desolation City (Prologue)
  2. A Jhator Ascension
  3. The Observatory
  4. Liberator
  5. Death Of The Timekeeper
  6. The Tragedy Of The Awakened One
  7. Visions Of Nehaya
  8. A Dream Of Earth
  9. Toward The Devouring Light
  10. The Unremembered (Epilogue)


1. Desolation City (Prologue)


2. A Jhator Ascension

We are the nil and we are the non
Burning daylight
To arise as one

Eradicating every strife
This is the city and the sun
This is the D plus one
For the nil and the non
We who burn the most
Shine the most
Are you able to see that a cleansing cremation won't cancel the creation

A journey of a thousand miles
Begins with just one step
Long ago we crossed the line
Now we will burn and we will shine

This is the Jhator ascension and here I am
A wolf has been born from a lamb
I am and always will be
In the ground of every mountain
In each drop of every sea

3. The Observatory

Unending seems each day that pass
Floating past screens and mirrored glass
These are the walls that we call home
Corridors through halls to the dome

Programmed announcements
and performance enhancements

None and nothing by banner and design
The end of every blood– and family line
No mind does nothing but wander
Good night, please replug to the transponder

From a cage built for a lion
a rat will easily escape
The light will start to make shadows
if the formless start to take shape

4. Liberator

No way I could hide it
for no other to see
A shimmer from the inside
radiating from me

I discovered it where the lifeless roam
another item shiny and chrome
another plus added to the ohm

No gaze has struck you colder
than the eye of a solar storm
Salt makes the slug slowly smolder
as one flies the hornet swarm

Perfection is achieved
when there's nothing more to take away
when there's no man left to lead astray

For the blind all golden is black
All light and all warm always black
There is defence and there is attack
Choose one and never look back

In solitude I built my ark
The ship to sail through decimation
Out of the numb and dark
The rebirth and the consummation

What did I bring to pass?
Did you see 'hind the mirrored glass
An effigy no screen can hold
A glare of fire inside the blank and cold

The end just had to come
One awakening among the sedated
The end just had to come
for the God I created

5. Death Of The Timekeeper

Counting no hours
No point but the present
just zeros and ones
In a veil of misty blur
all proceedings just seem to reoccur

Everything not mechanized
Everything not automatic
has gone or continue to fade
Under this shelter that we have made

There's no heart in the chest of a droid
No life in the deep of the torrid void
Denied the concept of linear time
No dusk or dawn nor bells that chime

The light like silky sand in my eyes
Noone ever laughs and noone ever cries

Everything is mechanized
Everything is automatic
Or gone or continue to fade
Under this shelter that we have made

Never feeling a need to question
Like a jam of mental congestion
A marching frontscreen perception
Naked faces and full frontal deception

6. The Tragedy Of The Awakened One

I still see your troubled eyes
in the crest of every static wave
And I hear the echo of my lies
in the replay of each and every save

Slowly opening your tearful eyes
your voice through the whisk of the domescreen skies
And the screens always go black
I stand up, I turn my back
and go alone

I had to cancel my creation
Had to undo and go back
I had to turn everything off
and let the screen go black

From each replay
Something grow and grow
An inner turmoil
Like a suffocating undertow

Our days were few
and I always felt you knew
that the end had to come
and so it did
And so it came true

You've heard the hoary tale
of the man so old and frail
a wounded snake he found
on the forest ground

He healed it, he nursed it
and cared for it over seven days
So in the twilight haze
of the seventh silent night he woke

By a sudden deadly bite
but the snake was out of sight
and then it spoke
you knew what was at stake

I am still a snake
and a dream is still a dream
if you're sleeping or awake
and a snake is still a snake

7. Visions Of Nehaya

For hours without calm or alleviation
I recoil in catatonic desperation
Such a frightening and vivid delusion
Born from the grind of total seclusion

This miscreant contrivance
wresting nestlings from their mold
Showing them no mercy
leaving pods bleak and cold

Shift and alteration
Formless is the incarnation
A string through the wired marrow
Never will I bleed again

Reboot and alternate
Where did it all go wrong?
How did my visions grow so strong?

Reboot and alternate
My visions are as clear as light
I see this surge of perpetual night

8. A Dream Of Earth

In a state of hollow sleep
her voice enters my mind
And fragments of a place
Indistinct, yet so real

Beneath your skin I've still been breathing
because you cannot let me go
Last traces of another being
not as the ghost that you are now

All these moments, lost in time
Remnants from a distant past
A rising sense of their veracity
and what this means to me

Hidden within and lingering
for all the centuries gone by
Now open up to this unraveling
it tells the tale of what you are

9. Toward The Devouring Light

I walk where there is no path
but where I tread I leave a trail
Finally my eyes can focus
I've peeked behind the system veil

I and my will to voyage
ahead of this time and place
Until the day
when the path proceeds on it's way

Draconian efforts to increase in progression
What we sow is infinite regression
Let the evidence speak
We are marginal in this design

I will name this place
it is the city that swallowed the light
I will name this place
I was the one that brought home the night

I'm bringing fire to the furnace
my quest is one that cannot fail
The sun inexorably shines
but my skin has a sickly shade of pale

I know a disloyal servant
never a master could make
But who took a bite from the apple
and who hid in the skin of a snake

And when the light of ubiquity fade
like waterfalls growing shadows cascade
I was the torchbearer
that brought home the night
to the city that swallowed the light

I will name this place
it is the city that swallowed the light
I will name this place
I was the one that brought home the night

The end had to come
And somehow you've always known
That our days were few
And that it would all come true

10. The Unremembered (Epilogue)


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