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Группы : Дискографии


Obituary: "Slowly We Rot" – 1989

энциклопедия: Obituary

Состав группы:

  • John Tardy – вокал
  • Allen West – лидер-гитара
  • Trevor Peres – ритм-гитара
  • Daniel Tucker – бас
  • Donald Tardy – ударные

Obituary: "Slowly We Rot" – 1989


  1. Iternal Bleeding
  2. Godly Beings
  3. 'Til Death
  4. Slowly We Rot
  5. Immortal Visions
  6. Gates To Hell
  7. Words Of Evil
  8. Suffocation
  9. Intoxicated
  10. Deadly Intentions
  11. Bloodsoaked
  12. Stinkupuss
  13. Find The Arise
  14. Like The Dead


1. Iternal Bleeding

Rot Alone, destiny.
Killing the souls of lives at your feet.
Dead to its fight.
Hell as they said.
Killing the darkened rotting fate, fate.

Rot alone bludgeoning hell.
Finding their souls
And returning to dwell.
Killing and bleeding tightened as one.
Killing the darkened rotting fate.

Rot all lesions.
Glory, rotting plowed.
Dead he's, killed your soul.
Glory, rotting plowed(plowed echoed) Kill.

2. Godly Beings

When I looked at evils face.
Death I've seen beyond.
Killing darkness, wanting pain.
Killing your spine.

Finding death rots soul.
Killing the darkness is coming.
Its killing your veins and rotting your soul.

3. 'Til Death

We're fighting death in a living hell.
We're fighting death remove any wait.
We're fighting death in a living hell.
Fighting death.

We're fighting death in a living hell.
We're fighting death remove any wait.
We're fighting death in a living hell.
Fighting death.

You play the loser.
Remain to live.
Live to the day.
Find the need, kill all.

Kill, raid, rot, and live to fight death.
We loathe thee to the death.
Loathe it's lies.
Fight 'til the death.

Live, we die.
Kill for the need.
Death we love.
It lied.

4. Slowly We Rot

Kill all, fight death.
Lesion fighting love.

Fight them all in a living hell
Slowly rot and you die.
You will fight death as you slowly realize.

Kill them all fight death
And slowly read in the love.
Fight them all, join me, slowly we rot. Slowly we rot.

Dead to all fighting
As you slowly read in the love.
Fighting the sword, the sword is your plow.

Dead to all fighting
As you're slowly rotting in hell.
Fight them all, join me, slowly we dwell.
Slowly we dwell.

5. Immortal Visions

Your soul.
Take mine.
Your dying, dying.
Fighting it low.

6. Gates To Hell

I know that in the depths beneath
Guilty are the saved.
I know living through pain
You will obey. You lie.

Living out this day your body begins to rot.
Low down here beneath living is dying.
Woe can feed by thoughts of the dead.
Find your way to escape. You can't even try, try.

Enter the gates to hell.
It is. Is where we must dwell.

Fear, fear of fate, then your fate is getting , is getting into grind.
Even as we've begun you're decomposing as you're dying.
When you're paying for life after life.
Thoughts are incinerated. Life is a crime.

Burning out.

7. Words Of Evil

Words of evil
Words of evil, evil.
Lie alone.

8. Suffocation

Rotting beneath below.
Ranting, "she's soon to die."
Redefile them all.
Ranting, "She's one to go."


Killing the chance denied.
Ranting, "She's only a child."
Rise above them all.
Lifting the soul in pain.

9. Intoxicated

Robbed of the soul, live in hell.
Rise above the charred beleaving smell.
Rise above the soul's chalky chains.
Give the destiny what its named.

The darkest white brought in death below that's soon to come.
Rise above the dark demon's tower.
Your body seized the charge.
You've killed yourself.
Killed. Killed yourself.

Rotting the soul to live.
Ranting, "She's one to give."
Darkening your soul to wane.
Ranting, "She's soon to gain."

Rotting above the tide.
Ranting, "She's holding time."
Killing their souls in pain.
Ranting, "She's one to gain.

10. Deadly Intentions

With the rotting one below.
Leaving the one who died.

Rotting as one, destiny comes.
Dying of this fear.
Death is the one, now he has come
Dying the body's crying.

11. Bloodsoaked

Rot your soul to live.
Death I've seen beyond.
Killing the darkest time.
Rotting out the chain.

Darkness falls unto.
Ready the golden child.
Pain evolves this way.
Killing the darkest time, time.
Darkest time. Liar.

You lying in the bottom grave, soul.
Dying in the bottom, lie. Lie.
Lying in the bottom to hide. To hide.

12. Stinkupuss

Lie alone.
Death will come to rot your soul.
Glories leaving you at the plow, rotting.

13. Find The Arise

(Re-release Bonus Track, Demo Version)

Go, find the arise.
Kill at first sight.

Fight live through the hell.
War is our prize.
Twisting their mind.
Kill at first sight.

Look down, find the arise. Kill at first sight.

14. Like The Dead

(Re-release Bonus Track, Demo Version)

Live like the dead.
We find what its like to rise.
We die to create
We will await a death.

You to protect.
We see what its like to rise.
We see to invade.
The night of those on fire

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