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Группы : Дискографии


Ravencult: "Force Of Profanation" – 2016

энциклопедия: Ravencult

Состав группы:

  • S. – гитара
  • J. – ударные
  • K. – бас
  • A. – вокал

Ravencult: "Force Of Profanation" – 2016


  1. Tormentor Of Flesh
  2. In Macabre Triumph
  3. Beneath The Relics Of Old
  4. Merciless Reprisal
  5. Into Depths
  6. Doom Oracle
  7. Altar Of Impurity
  8. Temple Of The Void


1. Tormentor Of Flesh

A deathwish in cold blood
Horrid thoughts but with steady pulse
In torment to drown
The holy whore
The bastard son
The penetrating sting of sadistic intents
Profane thoughts piercing him right at heart
His fresh wounds violently rubbed with salt
Inhaling the opium of punishing death
In ecstasy
Vicious whips
Slashing his back
Holy flesh screams
As rusty knives
Cut deep
Rip apart
Sadistic frenzy with his steaming hot bowels at hand
Impale him

2. In Macabre Triumph

Cosmic timeline pointing backwards
To a return to primitive age
Recovered are the netherworld laws
From our scorned planet's bloodiest page
The chthonic overlords rise
To pull down the stars from the sky
With their demolishing march
Pounding hope's grave tightly shut
Wails of mourn for a world no more
Clamors of horror for what's to come
Human stigma reduced to none
Pain impossible to numb
All cells filled with hatefulness
Once live matter decomposed by pest
State of mind thin as haze
Remnants of human consciousness
Forevermore erased
Apocalyptic wrath unleashed
Creation striving to be cleansed
From burden of memories of being
World in infernal blaze
Desolate scene
In macabre triumph
Cruelty is coronated
By unseen forces grinding flesh
Concluding mankind with a final pestilent caress

3. Beneath The Relics Of Old

Subterranean descent
In the bottomless pits
Primordial law
Glacial might
Beneath the relics of old
Blasphemous horrors rise
They rise in splendor and awe
Diving the arcane mist
Into primeval chaos
Ancient death within these shrines
And the eyes drown in darkness
At no time trodden by mortals
Guarded by abhorrent beasts
The portals to Abyss
Uncanny nightmare in every lucid dream
Macabre rites
Written in murals
Entrails of human slaughtered
Tentacles in blood
Across the twilight
In a parallel zone
Below the face of Earth
The catacombs of madness
Plateau of dark shades
The gates of Leng

4. Merciless Reprisal

Heart piercing thoughts
And primal fears
Surround the carcass
That lays here
So odious
The worms refuse to decompose
The soil reeks
A stench of unique abhorrence
Burial held
Under mass disgust
The executed sworn to an oath of endless vengeance
Vengeful ways
From wretched days
Vengeful ways
In funereal haze
Condemned to demise
Lethal steps into the charnel ground
By obscure knives
Life's threads thin out
Sinister fever
Set to burn the eyes
Horrid curse cast
Victims to agonize

5. Into Depths

Graceful purging tongues
Dancing around the graves
The sharpened teeth of sorcery inject the holiest of poison
Storms arrived on time to devour away the sun
Dark seas
My open wounds would die to taste your salt
No trail to guide me this moonless night
But silent titan waves
No ground for me to plant my flag
As I encounter the ugly cold inferno
Down in the watery grave
Floating in my master's blood
He rules alone this world
He lurks behind the bitterness of all

6. Doom Oracle

Stare into the depths of the Abyss
The horrors that lie beneath
Obscenity and putrefaction
Corpses crawling to the void
No retreat
Eyes see red
Horrid force
Antichrist attack
Buried among the deepest tombs
Below the heaviest stone
The face of Earth no more to see
As life is drained from its eyes
No retreat
Eyes see red
Horrid force
Antichrist attack
Retaliation of the undead
Deathless force undefeated
Total defiance
The hammer crushes all
Woe and agonizing slaughter
In horror crowned by lamentation
Fire cleansing
This dreadful world
Apocalypse unfolds
Destroy all
The morbid corpse of Jesus whore

7. Altar Of Impurity

Altar of impurity dressed in putrid blood
Rites of macabre revealed before the pentagram
Coven gathered on the eclipse
To rejoice in the twilight of his repulsive majesty
By unseen hands
The coldest steel is sharpened
Forgotten force that knows only death
Black blood
Blade shines under evil eye
Altar of sacrifice
The gates to Abyss open wide
Morbid feast of chaos
From the depths of horror
Abysmal roaring
The beast now incarnates
Under blackened skies

8. Temple Of The Void

Damn the light from which we come from
The refuge of life is denied
No place to nourish celestial hopes
For here only the cancer of futility grows
With morbid determination
Surrendering the will to live
Without reluctance
Carving mortal cuts that dry the flesh free
The soul now sinks
Forlorn and wretched
Buried under the monumental burden of adamant strong nihilism
And as the impenetrable veils of death
Coil around the worn out essence of being
Mind drowns in oceans boundless
Where Man equals God
And God equals Man
And all is nil

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