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Группы : Дискографии


Rhapsody: "Legendary Tales" – 1997

энциклопедия: Rhapsody

Состав группы:

  • Luca Turilli – гитара
  • Alex Staropoli – клавишные
  • Alex Holzwarth – ударные
  • Fabio Lione – вокал
  • Alessandro Lotta – бас

Приглашённые музыканты:

  • Manuel Staropoli – флейта
  • Thomas Rettke, Cinzia Rizzo – бэк-вокал
  • Thomas Rettke, Robert Hunecke, Miro, Wolfgang Herbst,
  • Ricky Rizzo, Fabio Lione, Luca Turilli, Alex Staropoli,
  • Cinzia Rizzo, Tatiana Bloch – хор
  • Anne Schnyder, Helia Davis и Oliver Kopf – виола
  • Paul F. Bohnke, Andre Neygenfind – контрабас
  • Sascha Paeth, Robert Hunecke – бас
  • Sascha Paeth – аккустическая гитара и мандолина

Rhapsody: "Legendary Tales" – 1997


  1. Ira Tenax
  2. Warrior Of Ice
  3. Rage Of The Winter
  4. Forest Of Unicorns
  5. Flames Of Revenge
  6. Virgin Skies
  7. Land Of Immortals
  8. Echoes Of Tragedy
  9. Lord Of The Thunder
  10. Legendary Tales


1. Ira Tenax

Male sit tibi tenebrarum rex
ab initio ad finem sacra ultio
cruenta pugna et epicus furor contra mali discipulos
Ad perpetuam gloriam lucis
furor ira tenax
contra iniuriam et ruinam
rabies ira tenax
Male sit tibi tenebrarum rex
cruentus rex

2. Warrior Of Ice

Demons of abyss wait for my pride
On wings of glory I'll fly brave and wild
I'll stop your madness your thirst for blood
To bring them peace where love must reign

A while ago the elder told dark will fall again
My land will see the light no more my beloved Algalord
My horse run wild the beast is back to conquer my reign
The sea the hills rivers and lakes call my holy name

Fight your holy war raise your mighty sword and ride
You're the chosen face the evil son of holy ice
Mighty warrior for the legend ride again
from the hills for peace and love to the sea of gold
my land must be free

I cross the forest of the elves while my heart pounds fast
Sky is grey wind no more time has stopped its race
My horse run wild the beast is back to conquer my reign
The sea the hills rivers and lakes call my holy name

March to hell Irengard brothers
Together we'll face the flames fearless and brave
On the grass where blood we'll shed
Flowers of real hope will bud again
And on the grass where blood we'll shed
Flowers of hope will bud again

Now leave your castles united we'll be strong
I'll lead you to this holy war to save all our thrones
To give our people the joy to be free
To see our beloved sun shine again

Mighty warrior for the legend ride again
From the hills for peace and love to the sea of gold
My land must be free

3. Rage Of The Winter

Cold is the winter snow falls down
Mystical lights dance in the sky to the winds of night
Spell of the nature fill all my soul
Kiss with your wonderful song my land with love

Rage of the winter mould the horizon
Cover the mountains, forest and lakes
Rage of the winter, magical wonder
Enchanted fury, majestic force

There are no words to describe the poetry of landscape
I can receive all the magic that my season gives
Tears of winter falling on me freezing my dark side
My heart must be wide fair full light eyes

4. Forest Of Unicorns

Run holy beloved horse
On this peaceful day
Through these valleys kissed by light
Where peace is so rare

So hardy trees let me hear your words
About those memories
Please tell me all about our hold
And epic battles they won

Beware of unholy fire
My guardian of the trees
Their flames can't burn the memory
The wisdom of the kings
The secrets of this forest
The ride of unicorns
Are treasures of these valleys
Where freedom has its throne
Where love must reign eternally
Avoiding acts of war

We must have all their valour
To defend these lands
Or the sun in these valleys
Will not shine again

5. Flames Of Revenge

My princess why must I assist at your death
I can't endure this tragic pain
Now I close your eyes while thunder strikes the sky
I cry to see the innocent die

Brothers I'm ready
The ride can begin
For you I must win

Now the time has come farewell my dear old friends
Ancelot is calling for my help
From the sun of Elgard to the middle plains
for salvation of enchanted lands

I'm looking forward to avenge all those killed
To be face to face

Fire and steel
Follow me through my lands
You will burn hordes of hell
In the deadly raging flames of revenge

Come out from your abyss
Her tears seek revenge
For this cruel tragedy
Flames are burning high

Brothers I'm ready
The ride can begin
For you I must win

6. Virgin Skies


7. Land Of Immortals

Hear the silence of the winds making your own destiny
Go and face the mirror of their sin
Only brave hearts found the way breaking all the dragon's spell
Cross the Argon's glade with heart in hand

Land of immortals
I wait for my day
To reach the wisdom of your skies
Land of immortals
You must belong to me
From here to eternity

And between Elgard's hills near the ancient ruins of Kron
You will face the trick of the old dwarf
To obtain the second key you have to cross the bloody sea
Where the thirst of Tharos never ends

Holy force of wisdom spread through all the air
I shall breathe you forever to end this epic holy quest
My way will be hard but I would do all
To reach the valleys where true heroes ride
Beyond the ivory gates

8. Echoes Of Tragedy

Where sun creates shadow's games
Where tragic echoes speak of death – why, Lord, why?
Between the ruins, through lakes of holy blood
I walk in tears for my wasted land

Echoes of tragedy carved on my steel
In this neverending fight against the beast
Soldiers of twilight turn back to hell
Burn in your fire or glory for me will be your end

Mothers and children embraced in blood
Torture and rape will leave their sign
After the sorrow I call the holy rage
Burn in my heart now flames of blind hate

9. Lord Of The Thunder

Born in the time of darkness and evil under the sign of God
glory's my mother fire's my brother sword my only law
Into the land of chaos and hate there is no place for me
and for the conquest of justice and honour I will use my steel

Holy flame burn again for eternity
Burn my heart to win
The holy war is awaiting another fiery king

Rage in my heart crossing the forest riding my black horse
Across the valley along the river where the hot blood flows
Over the lakes and over the hills I follow the call of the wind
Uphold the legend and for my princess I will fight and win

Lord of the thunder please be my guide
Before and after my last ride
I'll be your soldier serving the light
Riding forever alive and proud

10. Legendary Tales

And darkness covers all the land
The silent river flows
The jesters dance around the flame
Playing an ancient song

A song of mighty warriors
Of epic bloody fights
While moonlight meets the manor's walls
And I must close my eyes

Another tale of infinite wars
For the defenders of holy light
The fire enters my mind
The blood of the innocent before my eyes
Spreading the wings of the dream
I want to win between fire and steel
For them all

Some knights sleep near fire
Drowned in their own red wine
The elder looks at the high flame
Knowing the fight will reprise

The magic twittering of the birds
Meets the light of dawn
The ancient song is fading now
But my old dream carries on

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